The Falconeer

The Falconeer's creator gives us a guided demo of the game

Tomas Sala talked to us and showed off some of The Falconeer in Cologne, featuring a world with many factions.

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Earlier this month Tomas Sala's The Falconeer was unveiled, coming to PC next year, and during Gamescom week in Cologne we actually caught up with the creator himself to talk about his game, and get a guided demonstration at the same time.

The game itself is an "open-world air combat game set in a fantasy, Steampunk-ish setting. It's an ocean world setting, so in this world everybody lives in the ocean and their technology's very mixed. So there's very advanced and there's very simple technology, and this society's very old, so there's lots of old relics at the seafloor. While you're up in the air, all the factions in the world are fighting for all the things which are in the water."

This is the premise we're given by Sala before he dives into the demo, which you can watch in full below, showing you the flying in the game as you might have expected.

Are you eager to take to the skies in The Falconeer?

The Falconeer

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