Evil West

The Evil West campaign is 10-15 hours long

Flying Wild Hog's western themed action game launches tomorrow for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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There aren't a whole lot of major releases left 2022, but there's actually a few titles we're still waiting for. One of them is Flying Wild Hog's and Focus Home Interactive's upcoming Evil West. Here we get to play as the protagonist Jesse Rentier, who chases vampires in an adventure based on the wild west.

We have a review brewing, that is actually coming later today, in which we'll tell you all you need to know about the game. Until then, the developers have now revealed that the campaign is somewhere between 10-15 hours, but reminds us that there are more things to do like co-op, four different difficulty levels, a New Game+ and even more.

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Evil West

Thanks Xbox Dynasty.

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