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The EU LCS will start on January 19

There are five big policy changes being made.

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Riot Games has revealed the starting date for the EU LCS, which will be January 19, as well as detailing in great depth the format for the LCS this time around, including policy changes.

All the information on drafts, schedules, and more can be found on the official website, with the full match schedule being revealed early next year, but the policy changes are what caught our eye most when reading the update. Firstly, the LCS prize pool has been raised to €200,000 per split (roughly £167,880.98). The post said "prize pool is not meant as a primary incentive to compete in the league [but] we are doubling the stakes to recognise the overall growth of the EU LCS."

Another policy change is that the arbitration process is getting streamlined so teams can contest competitive rulings easier, being handled by a third party and may result in suspensions of one or more games or a fine. Head coaches also have the same contract requirements, poaching protection, and minimum compensation as players now too, and will also be listed in the Global Contract Database.

Another change is in regards to LCS-Challenger sister teams: "In the 2017 Spring Split, EU CS teams that are sister teams of EU LCS teams will be eligible to compete in the Promotion Tournament. From the 2017 Summer Split, sister teams will not be eligible to compete in or advance to the Challenger Series, but can continue to compete in the European Regional Leagues. Further context and more information on the 2017 Challenger Series will be shared in January."

New digital goods will also be introduced too, and revenue will be shared between teams. Regardless of sales or when they're introduced, €50,000 (about £41,970.25) per split will be split with each team in the EU LCS, as well as revenue for team summoner icons.

Do you think these policy changes are for the better?

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Photo: Riot Games

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