The EU has decided that Fortnite can now return to the iPad

You still won't be able to get Fortnite on Apple's store, though.

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After several years of fighting between Epic Games and Apple, it became clear last year that Apple was wrong and that Epic was allowed to release its battle royale giant to the format without giving 30% of the Vbucks revenue directly to Apple. Fortnite was thus rolled out, again, to the iPhone in 2023 and now the EU announces that they look at the iPad OS in exactly the same way as the iPhone OS, and that Epic's game can now also be re-launched for the iPad. As with the iPhone version, however, the game will not be posted in the Appstore because Apple continues to behave like silly children's butts, but via Epic's external system you can very soon strut home Raptor, Peely and all the others and jump from the ultra-popular school bus - again.

"Today, the European Commission said that iPads will also need to comply with the Digital Markets Act. We're moving full steam ahead to bring Fortnite and the @EpicGames Store to iPhones in the EU soon and iPads this year!"


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