The Eternal Cylinder

The Eternal Cylinder is hosting an open beta until March 25

Players will have chance to explore the first three hours of the game.

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If you're struggling for plans this weekend then we have good news for you, as The Eternal Cylinder is now hosting an open beta until March 25. Within this open beta, you'll have access to the first chapter of the game, and this is expected to last for roughly three hours. All you need to do to access the beta is go to the following link and register for an access key.

The Eternal Cylinder, if you're unaware, is the latest project from Rock of Ages developer Ace Team. It sees you take command of an adorable race of alien creatures who are on the run from a giant bronze Cylinder that crushes everything within its path. The game features a Spore-like mutation system and also blends together elements of platforming and puzzle solving. You can check out our first thoughts on the game from the open beta here.

The Eternal Cylinder

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