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The Escapists

The Escapists getting Santa's Sweatshop DLC

The elf escape heading to Mouldy Toof's jail sim.

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Popular indie prison-break strategy game, The Escapists, is getting jolly with the announcement of its free-of-charge Christmas DLC; Santa's Sweatshop.

The new DLC includes a brand new level where instead of being imprisoned in jail, you're stuck in the North Pole forced to make toys for all the nice children around the world. After twenty years of cruel labour it's time to escape his workshop and walk away for good.

The fresh expansion gives players a fair amount to play with; bundled along with all new items, jobs, characters and dialogue to really get into the Christmas spirit, there's a new soundtrack to make your elf escape to.

Santa's Sweatshop will be released across PC, PS4 and Xbox One on December 8.

The Escapists
The EscapistsThe EscapistsThe Escapists
The EscapistsThe EscapistsThe EscapistsThe Escapists

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