The Duke is back on Xbox

The updated version of the iconic controller is out now.

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Anyone who got their hands on the first console from Microsoft, the original Xbox, will never forget it. The imposing controller nicknamed "the Duke" is remembered by early adopters mostly with nostalgia, although probably also because of its awkward ergonomics too. It was, after all, a chunky beast.

It's certainly nostalgia that's the driving force behind the return of the controller, with the Duke available since April 30 for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC (in certain territories at least). The original creator, Jonathan "Seamus" Blackley, worked with Hyperkin to bring the controller back to life, but in a modernised version.

The new controller actually has slightly smaller dimensions and comes with features that meet the standards that most players expect these days, as well as a small LCD screen with an animated Xbox logo. The White and Black buttons from the original Xbox controller also make the jump over, although those inputs are also mapped to the shoulder buttons.

The controller might be out in some territories, but it's not launching here in the UK until May 18. Pre-orders are open now.

The Duke is back on Xbox

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