The Dublin New York portal has been closed already

This is why we can't have nice things.

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Less than a week after we reported on the Dublin to New York portal opening, it has been shut down following inappropriate behaviour on both sides.

If you're not aware, the portal involved two sculptures being placed in the centre of New York and Dublin. It was meant to link the two cities, allowing people to look at the other, getting a window across the pond. However, seeing what is essentially a free chance to grab some attention, a lot of people went about doing whatever they wanted in front of the portal.

Some of these bits were funny, others less so. It seems the final straw was a woman flashing the people of Dublin from New York, removing her top in front of the camera. Since then, the portal has been shut down, and its makers are working on a way to prevent inappropriate behaviour before it reopens.

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The Dublin New York portal has been closed already

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