The Division

The Division's Resistance update 1.8 has landed

We have a brand new trailer to celebrate the occasion.

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Ubisoft has launched The Division's Resistance update 1.8 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One players, and what's more is that those who haven't yet dived into the game can do so from December 7 to 10 as part of the free weekend, with existing users having access to all of the expansions from today to December 10 as well.

Resistance update 1.8 is the largest free update for the game to date, expanding the game map with West Side Pier, introducing new open world activities and new games modes too. The first of these is Resistance, where different factions team up to fight against Division agents while enemy NPCs span in waves, while Skirmish is a PvP mode where two teams of four battle it out for the highest number of kills in a time limit.

What's more is that 1.8 will also include a social hub too, not to mention improvements to the Underground DLC, a new revamp of the rogue mechanics, and optimisations to the gear system. Is this the best update yet?

The Division

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