The Division

The Division update 1.8.1 adds Xbox One X enhancements

New update drops April 12 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Ubisoft's The Division gets its next big update 1.8.1 on April 12th on PC, PS4 and on Xbox One and ushers in the enhancements for Xbox One X. These features include 4K rendering, "a higher level of anistropic filtering, improved reflections and object detail, as well as improved screen-space shadows".

Update 1.8.1 adds 2 new missions available for play in Legendary difficulty mode: Amherst's Apartment and Grand Central Station.

The biggest change is perhaps on how to get Classified gear. After the update, a Special Vendor will now sell a Classified Gear cache, which guarantees one Classified Gear piece.

Global events will have individual caches for Classified Gear for that ongoing Global Event, and this makes it easier to get Classified Gear for a particular set. Global Event vendor no longer sells a basic cache (since nobody was buying them, we suppose).

A full set of patch notes will be announced closer to launch, but below the photo are the most noteworthy changes.

In April there will be a Global Event called Blackout, and in May Global Event is called Onslaught.

The Division

"Vendor changes
*Added a Classified Gear cache to the Special Vendor that guarantees 1 Classified Gear piece from the entire pool.

Global Events vendor
*Removed the basic cache from the vendor.
*Each Global Event will now have individual caches per Classified Gear set for that Global Event. This allows the player to purchase, for example, a Fire Crest cache that guarantees one item from that set.

Exotic loot drops
*Removed Premium Vendor Exotics from Open World loot pool and Exotic Caches.
*All Exotics added to the Open World Bosses.

Classified gear drop rates
*Classified Drop Rates chances have been increased in all locations.
*Legendary Missions now have a 20% chance to give Classified Gear as a reward at the completion of the mission.
*Season Pass Supply Drops now have a 10% chance to drop Classified Gear.
*Survival Caches now have a roughly 10% chance to drop Classified Gear."

Thanks, VG247.

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