The Division

The Division: Specialisation & Customisation Guide

We take a look at some of the possible builds you can adopt when tackling the many and varied challenges found in The Division.

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During your time with The Division you'll often come across the same groups and combinations of enemies. Having difficulties with any of them? Here are some of our favourite character builds for different scenarios.

Going solo
With no help from our companions to divert the enemies' attention we always trust our Turret skill. If you're in a large, open area the Active Sensor mod is your best option. This way it's easier to keep track of flankers and moving snipers. In smaller areas we prefer the Dragonbreath mod, as it deals more damage and combined with the Wildfire talent can burn multiple enemies to a crisp without ever firing a shot. Alternatively you can use the Zapper mod with Fear Tactics to make enemies in cover easier targets.

Exploring high level areas? Then you better use Support Station with the Life Support mod. Not only will it heal you, but also let you revive yourself if downed. In lower level areas Sticky Bomb with BFB helps you take out smaller groups that you come across in the blink of an eye.

We recommend using Survivor Link as your signature skill. Its great damage resistance and speed increase makes moving around and taking a few hits much easier.

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When it comes to talents you've got lots of options, but we suggest Evasive Action (to increase your protection when moving from cover to cover), Critical Save (to get the most out of your med-kits), Wildfire (to make your flame-spewing turret a real killing machine) and Steady Hands(to really focus your SMG bursts).

To get the most out of this build we suggest focusing on gear that boosts Firearms and Electronics. Firearms makes it easier to obliterate the enemies with a SMG after flanking them, while Electronics improves your turret.

The Division
Stay in cover, let your turret do it's works and take out anything in your sight.

Grouping up
As in any RPG your best bet is to make the party diverse by each player serving different functions. As a medic, Support Station with the Life Support mod is a good choice. Not only will it heal both you and other players within a small area, but also revive downed players. It's possible to throw it to a remote location, so you won't have to go out of cover to revive your comrades. Just be sure to notify nimble players so it doesn't go to waste when they run 50 meters down the street.

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To be an even better medic we suggest using First Aid skill with the Overdose mod as your second skill. Used correctly your allies will rarely see their health bars drop down to one bar. The signature skills might be obvious: Recovery Link. Healing and revives all around!

Same goes for your talents. Battle Buddy will let you revive downed allies without turning into a Swiss cheese. Combat Medic heals both you and nearby allies when you use a med-kit. To keep you a bit safer when moving in to help a downed ally we suggest using Evasive Action. Finish it of with Strike Back to help as often as possible.

Electronics and Stamina are your best options when it comes to key stats. Electronics makes your healing skills faster and have better range, while Stamina ensures that you're not killed the second you poke your head out of cover.

Your choice of weapons depends on your strengths. If you're good at countering recoil, a SMG or shotgun will do a good job suppressing or killing enemies that get too close to you or your allies in need. Are you more of a quick peek man/woman? Then maybe consider a high power marksman rifle to make the most out of your time away from cover.

The Division
Don't let your friends die.

There's another way of keeping your allies from being shot, and that's being a tank. To avoid being shot to pieces every second we suggest going for the Ballistic Shield skill. Of course the drawback is that it restricts you to only use your sidearm, which isn't much of a damage dealer. Fortunately this problem is easily fixed by using the Assault Shield mod.

Your second skill depends on your play-style. If your going to stay mostly still we recommend the Seeker Mine with the Gas Charge mod. This will give both you and your allies some extra time to deal damage to a group of enemies. The Turret skill with either Dragonbreath or Active Sensor is also a good option, as your aggro will draw their attention while you do some damage with your high power pistol.

You more the mobile type? Then the Kinetic Breaker mod might be a better option as it will convert some of the incoming damage to health.

Obviously Survivor Link is your best option as a tank since it increases your damage resistance and movement speed. The Strike Back talent also really helps when you're a tank. Being able to activate your skills faster when you're low on health in the middle of a firefight really helps. On the Move comes in handy if you manage to kill an enemy, and Critical Save could save your life if surrounded after using a med-kit.

Stamina rules as a tank; being capable of taking a few rounds to the chest is a must have. Though a few extra Electronics doesn't hurt when you mostly rely on your Ballistic Shield.

In terms of weapons: what are some of the movie heroes you think of when we say the word "tank"? Rambo, Terminator or Chuck Norries all clutching LMGs or shotguns are most likely on your list. When not using your Ballistic Shield with the best pistol you can find, those are your best options for dealing damage.

The Division
You know you've done a bad job when your shield is spot clean.

Want to stay out of trouble, but still help your friends? Snipers are always welcome in our group. By using Smart Cover with the Trapper mod you're not only lowering incoming damage from enemies in cover, but also increasing the damage they take. Works perfectly against opposing snipers.

If you're in a large environment where it's difficult to keep track of enemies we recommend using Pulse with the Recon Pack mod. This will let you target new enemies faster, while also keeping track of incoming opponents. In environments where sneaky enemies are less of a problem the Tactical Scanner mod is much better. The increased damage makes every shot a force to be feared. Combined with the Tactical Link signature skill, which we suggest you get as soon as possible for this build, you're already a real, mean killing machine.

By adding the One is None talent you won't have to leave your post for bullets either. Tech Support keeps your Smart Cover and Pulse up and going, while Fear Tactics, Shrapnel and/or Wildfire will extend your massive damage output to enemies near your target.

Care to venture a guess what weapon we're using with this build? The best marksman rifle you can find or buy.

To quote a popular statement "POWER!". Firearms to the max as a sniper. If your teammates do their jobs you won't need Stamina, but maybe put a tiny bit into Electronics to keep your Smart Cover and Pulse up and running.

The Division
Peek-a-boo, I see you.

These are some of our favourite builds for different scenarios. Do you have other tactics? Share them in the comments below, and share your experiences with us and other readers.

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