The Division

The Division Movie is in Limbo

Disappointing but unsurprising news concerning the adaptation.

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The Division movie was first announced back in 2016 by Ubisoft, following the launch of its post-apocalyptic co-op game. Since then, we have had a few updates on how the film is progressing, but fan hopes might be dashed as a new interview seems to suggest there are no plans with the movie.

Speaking to DiscussingFilm, 87North Productions co-founder Kelly McCormick gave an update on the project, confirming that the studio had let the film go, leaving it "because it felt like a documentary" when the COVID pandemic began.

McCormick referenced how when living through a pandemic, it might not be the best idea to create a film centred around a disease outbreak and the people living through it. While The Division's story does differ from the real-world events of the last few years, 87North Productions has abandoned the project.

This seems a shame, as some big stars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain were set to feature in the film. There's still some slight hope we could see the film one day, but only if it is picked back up again.

The Division

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