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The Division: Last Stand detailed

A new way of fighting other players in the Dark Zone.

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Ubisoft has finally detailed The Division's third expansion, Last Stand. We thought it might be the rumoured horde-like mode, but instead it's taking us back into the Dark Zone.

Each side of a Last Stand match is made up of eight players, divided into two teams of four players inside an instanced part of the Dark Zone. Here we're tasked to take control of different terminals until we've transferred enough information to win the match. This won't be easy, as the other team will appear as Rogues (note that they are just labelled as Rogues for lore reasons, and that the actual Rogue mechanics do not apply), and have also been tasked to do the same thing. As if that wasn't enough, the regular NPC enemies will still be roaming the streets and the Landmarks as well. These NPCs are also guarding the terminals, with the central terminal always guarded by elites that we'll have to deal with before gaining a foothold there.

The Division

Killing these NPC enemies will reward your team with SHD tech, a team resource that can be used to unlock tactical boosts and fortifications. This includes activating automatic turrets, or a large Pulse that will alert you when enemies get too close to your home base. However, these can only be activated after set milestones in a match, and with the boosts being time-limited, we'll have to constantly consider our options. Focusing on the terminals and fighting against the other team is obviously your main priority, but run out of SHD tech and you're in big trouble. Tactical boosts and fortifications are a very important part of Last Stand, so plan accordingly. Maybe have part of your team focusing on killing NPCs and gathering SHD tech, while the others focus on the terminals?

Last Stand also introduces a new progression system similar to Underground. Our actions will now earn us special experience points and increase our Last Stand rank (maximum of 40, with no penalty when killed). Each rank we attain will reward us with a sealed cache of items, and certain sets of milestones will unlock exclusive vanity items that cannot be found anywhere else. We'll also get extra rewards if our team wins and for completing certain actions during a match. Everyone will be ranked when the match end, and be rewarded accordingly, and not completing a match means no rewards at all.

Lastly, Ubisoft also revealed that the expansion also includes a new Incursion.

This is only an overview of the upcoming expansion, and you can get the even finer details about it here. Ubisoft has announced that we're also getting one of their biggest updates yet when the expansion launches, although they don't want to talk about the reveal and what it will include just yet.

Last Stand will launch simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One "soon", with Season Pass holders getting access to it on the upcoming Public Test Server ahead of its official release.

How do you think Last Stand sounds?

The Division

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