The Division

The Division gets massive new update today

New global events, better gear, new loot boxes, a free trial, and more await.

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The folks over at Massive Entertainment have been talking about The Division's 1.7 update for a long time, which isn't all that surprising, as it's set to bring many interesting new things to the game. Today marks its official launch, which also means that we know all the details about it.

First of all, we have the new global events that will include modifiers, which will affect all the PvE areas and offer better rewards if you manage to complete them. Each of these will be themed, and the one we're getting today, Outbreak, will be tied to the pandemic that put us in this situation in the first place. Obviously, some of you might have better gear than others, so it's possible to activate the new Activity modifiers on top of the regular modifiers during specific missions and Incursions. These will make it a bigger challenge, which again might lead to better rewards.

Speaking of rewards, the loot system has been changed quite a bit, as not only will existing gear be revamped, but some will also be upgraded to Classified Gear sets. These include new five- and six-piece bonuses, bigger primary stat roles, and additional recalibration options. One example of this in the Outbreak event is that we might find Classified versions of Deadeye gear, which has this very interesting six-piece bonus: "When zoomed, getting a headshot kill with Marksman rifles will increase critical hit damage by 20% every second to a maximum of 100%, and will increase stability by 100%. Last for 10 seconds or until no longer zoomed". And we thought our M700 couldn't get any better.

There's also some good news for those of you who want to look scary or cool while exploring Manhattan: the inclusion of face masks. You'll also be able to update your look at the barbershop by swapping out your sunglasses or getting a fresh cut.

Then there are the new Encrypted Caches. These contain exclusive emotes, outfits, and skins, but can only be unlocked with cypher keys that can be purchased with premium credits, or assembled from key fragments, which you can collect by completing commendations or killing named bosses throughout the game.

Those of you who aren't following Massive's blog or podcast might not know what commendations are. These are basically the in-game equivalent to Achievements or Trophies, and completing certain tasks or milestones will earn you a new patch that can be placed on your arm, and a key fragment. You might find yourself with a few of these already, as the system is retroactive.

That's pretty much it for the update, but Ubisoft has a final treat for those of you who haven't bought the Survival expansion yet, as you'll get a chance to try this exhilarating mode for free from 14:00 BST / 15:00 CEST August 18 to 20:00 BST / 21:00 CEST August 20.

You can see and learn more about the new update in the trailer below. Are you stilling playing The Division? How do you like the sound of this update?

The Division

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