The Division

The Division devs have vacancies to fill

25 positions available at Massive Entertainment.

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There are 25 job vacancies at Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment related to Tom Clancy's The Division, a game they launched two years ago that recently celebrated having reached 20 million players. The Swedish studio and its French parent company clearly plans to keep updating the game in the short term, possibly even the midterm, as some of the jobs listed for the Malmö office are related to story and narrative.

Ubisoft wants to "create the best open world RPG experience ever", says in some of the job descriptions listed in the company's careers website. Ubisoft is looking for a lot of different programmers, artists, and designers, with senior or non-specific experience required. They also look for an Associate Producer. All of them will be "expanding the world of The Division".

This could also be an indication that some of the team is moving on to work on a sequel or perhaps more likely Massive's current big Avatar project, though a sequel to The Division is highly likely at some point.

The Division

Thanks for the heads up, Gamerevolution.

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