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The Division 2

The Division 2's next-gen update seems to have some issues on the PS5

This version for the new Sony console seems to miss the boat on several occasions.

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Ubisoft Massive has recently released a next-generation update for The Division 2, and to test out how it stacks up on the various new consoles, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry team has put the title through the ringer, discovering that the PS5 version acts out in some pretty unusual ways.

On all next-gen versions, The Division 2 now plays at 60fps, with the Series S playing between a 900-1080p resolution, Series X between 1800-2160p, and the PS5 and a vastly varied 1080-1890p. But, aside from the large difference in resolutions, the PS5 version also seems to be missing several visual effects that are present on other versions, even the PS4 one.

As stated by Digital Foundry; "The most dramatic change is the total omission of volumetric lighting and atmospheric rendering: the fog effect streaming from lamps is removed on PS5, something the Snowdrop engine is famous for showcasing. Smoke haze is missing. Also, interiors lose volumetric lighting."

The PS5 version also seems to be missing screen-space reflections, meaning you will instead see very stagnant static cube map effects, which is usually used as a fallback when SSR is unavailable.

To cap it all off, the PS5 is the only next-gen version that seems to actually fall behind last-gen machines when it comes to loading times. Granted this is only by a few seconds, but the Xbox Series X offers dramatic improvements in loading times over the Xbox One X, the report states.

Have you checked out The Division 2 on next-gen consoles yet?

The Division 2

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