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The Division 2

The Division 2's Descent rogue-lite mode is coming this summer

And we've been given an idea of what Year 5 of the looter-shooter will look like.

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One of the big stars of this year's Division Day was, as you would expect, The Division 2, which has seen a resurgence ever since Ubisoft recommitted to the title around a year ago.

As part of this year's annual showcase, we have been told all about Year 5 of the looter-shooter, and fans will absolutely have a lot to be excited for.

Starting in June with Season 1: Broken Wings, this season will kick off with the addition of a new free, for all The Division 2 owners, rogue-lite mode called Descent, which asks players to head into a simulation alone or as a group, to fight off hordes of enemies in the hopes of getting better loot rewards. The event will even boast a Splinter Cell connection, and will see players completing challenges to earn gear that would make Sam Fisher jealous.

Season 1 will also see the start of the Castle rebuild in-game, something that will continue for the entirety of Year 5 of the title.


Next up will be Season 2: Puppeteers. We're told that this will be headlined by a new Incursion that takes players to the Merritt Estate to deal with the Cleaners faction.

Season 3: Vanguard will seemingly be set for sometime in December at the latest, as we're promised a return to New York for a holiday event. The exact specifics of the return to the Big Apple were not detailed.

Last up comes Season 4: Black Diamond, which will bring a boatload of content to explore. From a new story DLC to new zones, new missions, and new endgame structures, this seems to be quite a hefty season that will keep players engaged until whatever Ubisoft has planned following Year 5.

We're also informed that each season will include new Manhunts and other activities, but that players will need the Warlords of New York expansion to access a lot of this fresh content.

You might assume this is all that Ubisoft has planned for The Division 2, but we're also told that as of next week, the game will be getting a Resident Evil crossover that will allow players the opportunity to earn some Leon S. Kennedy items from April 25 - May 9.

And to wrap everything up, Ubisoft has promised that there will be a bunch of sales on cosmetics and outfits from May 2, and that discounts and deals on the main game and its expansions will be coming in the lead up to Year 5 kicking off.

While there is no exact mention of when Year 5 of The Division 2 will start, aside from June, we are told that the new content will be available on the Public Test Server of the game for PC players starting tomorrow, April 21, meaning you can get an early taste of what will be coming.

The Division 2

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