The Division 2

The Division 2 teases new mode

As the franchise surpasses 40 million players.

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Ubisoft admitted that the company wasn't pleased with The Division 2's initial sales back in 2019, but the game has kept on growing to such a degree that we were told to expect more content throughout the year last month. Now we know one of the reasons as to why and gotten an indication of what awaits.

The Division 2

The developers have posted a message on The Division 2's website announcing that more than 40 million players have tried the two amazing games. We're also given an overview of some fun facts that you can see at the bottom, but what about the future?

Well, while they still remain somewhat secretive, at least we're told that The Division 2's next major update will include a new mode "that is entirely new to the franchise" and changes meant to emphasise increased build variety and viability. One of the reasons for being this vague is that the update is, as previously stated, still in the very early stages and is currently set to arrive in late 2021 at the earliest. Not that we'll have to wait until then for smaller changes and updates, as they'll re-run previous seasons, have new Apparel Events and deliver minor updates in the meantime.

Hopefully this will keep the game alive long enough for us to get some content teasing Massive's upcoming Star Wars game.

The Division 2

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