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Football Manager 2023

The disc version of Football Manager 2023 has no disc

Instead you get a download code for either PC or Xbox.

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Something that used to define a disc version of a video game used to be the fact that it included an actual disc. But it's becoming increasingly more common to simply deliver physical versions without anything else but a download code, which pretty much means you are getting an empty case with a cover.

As noted by Xbox Dynasty, this is the case with Football Manager 2023. Instead, you are getting a code for the game that can be cashed in on either Epic Games Store, Steam or Xbox Store depending on your platform of choice (the PlayStation 5 version was recently indefinitely delayed).

By doing this, Sega says they are decreasing their CO₂ footprint by 47% compared to last year's physical version, so it's for a good reason.

Football Manager 2023

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