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The developers of Among the Sleep to bring Mosaic to PS4

Console players will also leave their bleak and repetitive lives behind.

When Krillbite Studio, the developers of Among the Sleep and The Plan, revealed Mosaic earlier this year they only announced a PC version. Now we know that PlayStation 4 players will get to play this mysterious game as well.

Never heard about the game before? No worries, we'll explain the concept. Mosaic is about a person living a boring, repetitive life in a cold, systematic city. Every day looks and feels the exact same way and you have no meaning or sense of purpose in your life. That's about to change. Very strange things start to happen to and around you.

The Norwegian studio's focus on atmosphere and narration will still be present, but they say that they're changing up the genre, and this will be more like a point-and-click adventure game. Not much to go on, but the game's teaser trailer gives a nice indication of what to expect when the game launches late next year. Hopefully we'll learn more at PlayStation Experience in December.

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REVIEW. Written by Odd Karsten Svartaas

"Mosaic has a way of making one relate to the hardships of the mundane and it's incredibly heavy going."

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