The Day Before

The Day Before's trademark problem has been credited to a calendar app

The plot thickens.

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There is a lot of talk right now surrounding Fntastic's The Day Before and whether or not this game actually exists. Following the latest delay and the release of a batch of gameplay that didn't exactly do much in favour for the title, the developer has now issued a statement touching on the bizarre delay that was credited to a trademark dispute.

On Twitter, Fntastic stated: "The so-called 'owner' of the rights to the title is the creator of the calendar app, which has nothing to do with the games category."

Then following this, the developer added: "After we announced the game in 2021, he also wanted to take over the title and filed for trademarks ahead of us."

With the statement concluding: "He ambiguously offers to contact him to discuss something, but what?"

Needless to say, the already unusual trademark-related delay just became even stranger thanks to this statement, and fans are not exactly impressed either.

Many fans on Twitter are calling for the game's name to be changed so that it can be shipped, while others are once again questioning the very existence of this title. Whatever ends up happening, as of right now, The Day Before is scheduled to launch on November 10, 2023.

The Day Before

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