The Day Before

The Day Before's Discord mods doubt the game is real

'Those who wonder if the game is real, I'm wondering the same right now.'

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In a wild twist of events, a theory that claims The Day Before, which was once the most wishlisted game on Steam, is not actually a real title at all, is gaining traction. Now, even one of the game's Discord moderators has shared their skepticism.

According to a tweet posted by Skill Up, The Day Before's lead Discord mod known as "Wholf" has confirmed nobody on the mod team has seen any gameplay from the zombie survival title.

This is cause for some concern, especially considering The Day Before's developers are still claiming raw gameplay footage is going to be shown off in January.

Fntastic has recently pushed back the release date for The Day Before to November this year, citing a trademark issue as the reason behind it. However, this only further fanned the flames of the theory that the game doesn't exist, as fans became sceptical of Fntastic's excuse.

We've seen some gameplay trailers from The Day Before, but no live development build footage yet. So, until Fntastic can show us otherwise, it seems the game may not exist at all.

The Day Before

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