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The Day Before

The Day Before shows 10 minutes of pure gameplay

The developers must have planned to release this while The Last of Us takes the world by storm...

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Fntastic promised to share some raw gameplay footage from The Day Before in January, but the studio announced a change of plans when it also announced the delay and that there were issues with the game's title. That lead to even more theories about the game not being real, so the developers were quick to say we'd get the gameplay very soon. They weren't lying.

As promised yesterday, Fntastic has given us a 10 minute gameplay video of The Day Before. Everything starts nice and calm for the two players in what seems like pure, unedited gameplay as they just explore the fairly impressive open world, modify their weapons and scavenge for resources. Then things kind of start heating up a tiny bit as zombies start to appear.

The Day Before

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