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The Day Before

The Day Before Set to Release Raw Gameplay Footage Soon

The highly anticipated and mysterious game is finally showing us something.

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The Day Before, which is said to be an open-world survival MMO, is going to be showing us some raw gameplay footage later this month. The footage will show a "majority of" the features and gameplay elements you'll see when the game fully launches.

Developer Fntastic announced the news over on Discord, where it stated that it had received approval to finally show the gaming community at large what it has been working on.

Announced back in 2021, details on The Day Before have been largely sparse, which might prove to be concerning for some, especially as the game is set to launch in March this year.

However, this hasn't stopped the game from being incredibly popular, as it is the second most wishlisted game on Steam right now, falling just behind Hogwarts Legacy.

The Day Before

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