The Day Before

The Day Before delayed to November because of unusual reasons

What is a name if not something to argue about? The gameplay presentation will also have to wait.

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I'm far from the only one that has been very interested in The Day Before ever since it was unveiled in 2021, so many PC gamers were extremely excited when Fntastic announced the game would launch in March after last year's delay. Unfortunately, that won't happen either, but not only because the developers need more time for polish.

Fntastic has decided to delay The Day Before from March 1 to November 10, while also revealing why the Steam page was blocked a while back. Turns out, the team has been in a trademark dispute, as someone took advantage of the fact that it didn't know you have to claim game titles. That individual filed a complaint about this, but Fntastic and the publishers at Mytona assure us that it's being resolved. It'll take some time, however, which is one of the reasons why they've decided to delay the launch and the raw gameplay footage we were promised last week.

The Day Before

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