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Human: Fall Flat

The Dark Update has landed in Human: Fall Flat

Not only do you have 13 new customisation features to personalise your character, but the Dark level offers some new challenges.

Tomas Sakalauskas and Curve Digital's Human: Fall Flat continues to get more content ever since release back in 2017, and now we have a trailer for the Dark Update, bringing a mysterious Dark level to the game with all new challenges for you and your friends to work through.

What's more is we also get 13 character customisation features as well, which you can also see in the trailer below, meaning you can look the part while struggling with the various platforming and physics-based obstacles.

This free content update is available right now, and back in February we also got new skins to celebrate Lunar New Year, so expect even more content in the future.

Will you head back in now?

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Human: Fall Flat

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