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The Dark Tower pilot reportedly scrapped by Amazon Studios

This was set to be independent from the 2017 film, but the pilot was allegedly rejected by Amazon.

If you've been waiting patiently for The Dark Tower pilot from Amazon Studios, there's bad news, as Deadline reports that they've passed on the pilot for the adaptation of Stephen King's story.

Alleged sources say that two original scripts formed the basis of the pilot, and this adaptation was set to come from executive producer/showrunner Glen Mazzara and MRC. Amazon reportedly ordered a pilot rather than a full series, and the sources claim that Amazon executives felt the pilot wasn't at the level of other large-scope projects like the Amazon Prime series based on The Lord of the Rings (which revealed its cast this week).

This series was meant to be independent from the 2017 film and stick to the books, taking place years before the events of the film.

The book series started in 1982 and has since extended over several novels, so there's plenty of source material to draw upon here.

Are you sad to see it go?

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The Dark Tower pilot reportedly scrapped by Amazon Studios

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