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Dark Souls Trilogy

The Dark Souls series has shipped 27 million copies worldwide

Do you enjoy dying, dying and then dying again? So do 27 million others, as confirmed by impressive Dark Souls numbers.

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The fact that the Dark Souls series is very popular among players, despite its difficulty, is not new, but recently FromSoftware has revealed how many copies the entire trilogy has shipped since its launch. To date, the RPG/action series has shipped 27 million copies (numbers that also include digital copies) worldwide, selling 2 million units from the last year alone.

The Japanese studio thanked players from all over the world for this important milestone and took the opportunity to confirm that Elden Ring - the brand new game developed in collaboration with the writer George R.R. Martin - is still in development.

In fact, it had been a while since we had news about Elden Ring, announced at E3 2019, despite being a highly anticipated game by all Souls fans. At the moment we don't know when and on which platforms it will land, but it's very likely that this game will land on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Dark Souls Trilogy

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