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The Culling

The Culling has been resurrected but there's a twist

Xaviant's battle royale series The Culling surely had some neat ideas that set it apart from its competition but despite that, all was cancelled. Now, however, it's being resurrected.

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The 2016 battle royale game The Culling: Origins had some cool ideas that made it stand out on the multiplayer scene as a battle royale early bird. However, when games such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds emerged as a stand-alone game rather than an Arma 3 mod and Fortnite took over the world, The Culling ended up being forgotten and shut down. There was still a fan base lingering, however, but not big enough to keep the game alive.

Tomorrow on May 14, however, The Culling is being resurrected, so the fans that are still wanting to battle it out will be able to do so exclusively on Xbox One but apart from being an Xbox exclusive (a PC version is something the studio is looking to add in the future), there's yet another twist to the game's resurrection - its monetisation.

The Culling will cost new players $5.99 (it will be free for those who downloaded the original game), which is totally reasonable - cheap even. However, buying a copy of the game still gives you a game with plenty of limitations. You see, after a one-day free trial following the purchase, you can only play one game per day unless you either earn (by winning games) or purchase match tokens. Match tokens can be bought in bulk of 3, 10 or 20 tokens or as a "pass" which lets players play unlimited for 7 or 30 days.

Those getting ready to hop in, expecting to find their previous unlocks, can bury those expectations since it's a complete re-launch, meaning all saves have been wiped.

Find the full information below and tell us what you think of this odd monetisation system.

The CullingThe Culling

Players can play one free match online each day. Players can play additional matches through the following means:

  • Winning an online match grants an Online Match Token

  • Packs of Online Match Tokens can be purchased (3 tokens = $0.99, 10 tokens = $2.99, 20 tokens = $4.99)

  • Online Passes providing unlimited online play can be purchased for 7 Days ($1.99) or 30 Days ($5.99)

  • Xbox One graphical quality improved dramatically, rendering at 30% higher resolution with the addition of anti-aliasing and an improved framerate

  • A.I. behavior has been overhauled to provide a much more compelling and challenging offline experience

  • Player stamina system has been tweaked - reducing the time it takes for stamina to fully regenerate

  • The game no longer includes premium items or charges for crates. Players can level up, earn crates, and unlock airdrops through offline play.

  • In order to keep the game alive indefinitely, a great deal of effort has been spent streamlining backend systems to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  • A side effect of this effort is that past saved games will be wiped and all previous unlocks have been reset.

The Culling
The Culling

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