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Crysis 3

The Crysis trilogy now playable on Xbox One

Major Nelson delivers Xbox fans more good news.

Microsoft keeps adding backwards compatible games for the Xbox One, and now Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb has revealed that no less than three games have been added, this time all coming from the same series.

We're talking about the whole numbered Crysis trilogy, and since we're less than a month away from Microsoft's Xbox event X018 in November, speculations are already running wild on ResetEra that this might be a sign that Crysis 4 will be announced during the event or that Microsoft might be buying Crytek (something that has been rumoured before).

Do you think it's merely a coincidence that we're getting all the numbered Crysis games just weeks ahead of X018, or are there signs of something here?

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Crysis 3

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