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The Crew

The Crew reaches 12 million players

Quite a milestone for the nearly three year old MMO racer.

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The Crew released in December 2014, and nearly two and a half years later, new players are still hitting the wide American roads, with more than tens of thousands of years' worth of in-game hours having been played, and in a blog post by Ubisoft, 12 of the Ivory Tower development team left special messages for all 12 million valued players.

"Every time I realise how strong and growing our community is, I can't help but get emotional. Releasing The Crew was a childhood dream come true: building a whole universe dedicated to exploration, competition, adventure, and creating glorious moments with friends or solo, behind the wheel of our favourite rides. I've never thought this vision would strike a chord with so many and I am always thankful to see how more and more players connect to this world, filling it with their own challenges and creations," said Stephane "Fergus" Beley, Game Director.

David Guillaume, Art Director, had this to say: "We had a blast, but also some tough times giving life to The Crew's gigantic open world. So thank you all for your dedication, for the thousands of accumulated hours you've spent on and off our US roads, scanning the local landmarks of the East, Midwest, South, Mountain and West Coast regions and sharing every bit of it with us. With every passing hour, new players are joining The Crew, taking off on the adventure - guys, welcome to our 2,000-square-mile map! Here's a tip: the moment you think you might have seen it all... think again!"

You can read all of the messages from the team here, and if you're interested in picking it up, have a read of our review and see if it can sway your opinion. Are you surprised by these numbers?

The Crew

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