The Crew Motorfest

The Crew Motorfest gets release date and teases bikes in trailer

It'll even include Forza Horizon's Rewind feature when it launches mid-September.

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Ivory Tower just wanted to say the game would launch sometime in 2023 when they announced The Crew Motorfest back in January, and the developers teased the game might let us race more than cars even if the announcement trailer only showed stuff on four wheels. That's why tonight's trailer is filled with exciting details.

Seeing more supercars and off-roaders racing across O'ahu is cool enough, but the biggest news in the new trailer is that The Crew Motorfest will launch on the 14th of September. You can also get it three days earlier by getting the Gold or Ultimate edition of the game.That's not all, however, as it's also worth noticing the glimpses of motorcycles and planes towards the end, all but confirming these will come sooner or later.

Finally, a press release reveals The Crew Motorfest will have a Forza Horizon-inspired Rewind feature that allows us to undo the last 15 seconds in some races. Those of you still enjoying The Crew 2 should also note most of your cars can be transferred over to Motorfest, We'll learn more about all of these things later this summer.

The Crew Motorfest

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