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      The Crew Motorfest

      The Crew Motorfest confirmed for 2023

      But some of you can start racing in Hawaii tomorrow.

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      The fine folks over at Ivory Tower weren't exactly subtle when they teased the unveiling of a new The Crew game yesterday, but it's still nice to finally have all the official details.

      Ubisoft has finally confirmed the rumours about The Crew 3 actually being called The Crew Motorfest and that it'll take us to an open world playground inspired by the Hawaiian island of O'ahu. This means we can look forward to a very colourful festival where hundreds of different cars will be racing on the city streets of Honolulu, beautiful beaches, ashy volcano slopes, a lush rainforest and mountain roads.

      While neither of the two new trailers show any signs of planes or boats, Ivory Tower states that the world has been created to be experienced from different points of view, so new kinds of transportation will probably be added in the future.

      Maybe this is because the developers want to focus on quality over quantity, which might be why they've also started a so-called insider program that will allow a selection of applicants to start playing an early version of the game starting tomorrow and share their feedback with the developers. This focus on listening to feedback and continuing to tweak the game will be important after the real launch on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Luna later this year as well, as The Crew Motorfest follows Ubisoft's formula by being a live service title.

      How does this sound and look so far?

      The Crew Motorfest

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