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The creator of Xbox thought the saga was over with Xbox One

"I feared it was over. Honestly."

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There's a lot of things that can be said about the original plans for Xbox One and the subsequent release of the console in November 2013. Unfortunately, none of them are good.

Not only was it more expensive than PlayStation 4 and underpowered in comparison, it also had a lot of really weird rules regarding used games, game sharing with friends and a mandatory camera filming and hearing everything in your living room. It caused Microsoft to lose all the goodwill they got from Xbox and Xbox 360, and the whole last generation remained somewhat of a struggle, despite the fact that the Xbox boss Phil Spencer worked hard to change the direction for Xbox.

During the weekend, we got a prime example of exactly how dire it was for Xbox One, when the original creator of the Xbox console, Seamus Blackley tweeted:

"There was a moment, at the Xbox One launch, when I feared it was over. Honestly."

Today, Xbox Series S/X seems to be doing great and Xbox Game Pass is growing. But back in 2013, did you think it was game over for Xbox as well?

The creator of Xbox thought the saga was over with Xbox One

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