The Continental

The Continental puts a 70s spin on the Wickverse

The three-part mini-series starts streaming this September.

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While you could say that we've already had our fill of all things John Wick this year, thanks to the brilliant John Wick: Chapter 4, this action-packed universe is expanding further in September. No, this won't see Keanu Reeves' assassin at the forefront however, as this three-part mini-series will instead be set in the 70s.

Known as The Continental, the show will explore the origin story behind the famous New York City hotel, and will see Colin Woodell starring as a young version of Ian McShane's Winston. Mel Gibson will also appear in this series, portraying a character called Cormac.

As for when The Continental will arrive, the series will start streaming on Peacock in September. As for what that means for regions without the service remains to be seen. Catch the teaser trailer below.

The Continental

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