Gears 5

The Coalition has announced that this is the final season of Gears of War esports

The developer will be shifting its focus elsewhere.

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After multiple years of hosting a professional esports scene, The Coalition has announced that this current season of Gears of War esports will be its last. Announced in a statement posted over social media, the developer has mostly credited the reason for cutting support for the professional scene as wanting to shift its focus to future projects.

Here is what The Coalition had to say:

"After two and a half years of near-constant Gears 5 action, today The Coalition is announcing that this will be the final season of Gears Esports as we shift our focus to future projects."

"This marks the culmination of several years of Gears Esports competition across multiple titles with thousands of players competing in hundreds of events across the world. While the global pandemic cut short our plans for live events, we're proud that through the support of our community and partners we've been able to successfully continue the program throughout the last two years."

"As we announced last year, The Coalition is working hard on the future of Gears, but we won't be talking about that anytime soon."

The statement does continue to also talk about the events that will be supported for the rest of this year, including the Spring and Summer Majors, and the women's tournaments, as well as how The Coalition aims to celebrate the years of Gears esports over the course of this final season.

Gears 5

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