The Chinese Room acquired by Sumo Digital

After tough times towards the end of 2017, it seems things are looking up.

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As far as narrative games go, The Chinese Room is a studio that immediately comes to mind, as the team are responsible for games such as Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and Dear Esther, and now we know the studio has been acquired by Sumo Digital, as reported by GamesIndustry.biz.

The UK-based developer is the fourth studio in the UK that Sumo has acquired, and co-founder Dan Pinchbeck will now take the role of creative director, with fellow co-founder Jessica Curry continuing to be an independent composer.

As for the future, Pinchbeck has said that the team are working on new ideas, and are even in talks with partners about games at different stages of development. He also adds that Sumo can help take The Chinese Room to new heights, while Sumo Digital's managing director Paul Porter wants this deal to allow the team "to create the unique, innovative games they are known and loved for." This involves growing the team and investing in the studio.

If you remember last year, a blog post on The Chinese Room's website in September spoke of the difficulties they were going through, saying that for the immediate future they were going dark, having been through lay-offs previously. It's nice now, then, to hear that Sumo Digital has believed in them,

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The Chinese Room acquired by Sumo Digital

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