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Far Cry 6

The child of Far Cry 2 and 3? "It's great that people see the history of the series in Far Cry 6"

We learn more about the series' DNA and the added emphasis on exploration in FC6 with world director Ben Hall.

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Our Gamereactor preview said it on the title already: "Far Cry 6 seems like a cool mix of Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3". Now, as we had the chance to talk to Ubisoft's Ben Hall, we asked the upcoming game's world director how did he feel about this comparison.

"I think it's great that people see the history of the series in what we're creating today", admits Hall in the video interview below. "When creating Yara, we really wanted to keep that core concept of the Far Cry DNA with everything that we've built. But Yara itself is unique, so we've taken the learnings from those basis, we've brought a lot of freshness to that, so that we were bringing a lot of new activities, new things to do in the world. But we really wanted to focus on creating this 'frozen paradise' that's frozen in time, so that you get to see the contrast of this country that's currently in the turmoil of a guerilla revolution".


The same hands-on impressions also acknowledged "a bigger focus on exploration with more diversity", and this is what Hall has to add in this regard:

"Exploration plays a huge part of our game. It's got a lot to do with the fantasy wrapper of this modern guerilla revolution. One of the things that we researched was that guerillas need to take things that they've got around them and utilise them to the best of their advantage, so we really wanted to capture that with the world itself and have the player be able to explore the open world and find interesting things, find information and really scout the world out for themselves as they're exploring the open world".

How are you feeling about Far Cry 6 so far, considering these two key points? Play on to learn more about weapons, next-gen differences, or the adorable Chorizo. The game releases on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series on October 7.

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