The Callum Skye is an all-electric buggy built for roads and rough terrain

The car is set to be fully unveiled this week but plenty of information has already been shared.

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Callum Designs is a company that was founded by the ex-Jaguar, Aston Martin, and Ford designer Ian Callum, and the company has been responsible for all manner of really cool inventions and creations, such as all-electric cars, fancy chairs, expensive whisky, and more. Callum Designs is set to expand its efforts this week, when the Callum Skye is fully unveiled to the world.

The car is being unveiled in London on May 22 and 23, but with that event coming up, we've already seen tons of looks at the all-electric vehicle and even been told a little about its specifications.

It's noted that the Skye is powered by a fast-chargeable 42kWh battery that promises a range of 170 miles, and thanks to its light 1,150kg weight, despite a length of over four metres and width nearing two metres, the car is able to deliver a 0-60 mph in less than four seconds.

The Skye will have a cabin that can seat four, arranged in a typical 2+2 format, as well as having a central infotainment suite that works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and we're told that the car will also come in a multitude of variants, each with an on-road or an off-road focus, and all of which will be confirmed during 2024.

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The pricing of the Skye is said to be around £80,000.

The Callum Skye is an all-electric buggy built for roads and rough terrain
Callum Designs

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