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The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol has New Game+ now

While the game has failed sales-wise, the developers at Striking Distance are exceeding expectations in terms of DLC.

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One of the smaller things some players weren't happy with The Callisto Protocol when it launched last month was the lack of New Game+. The developers at Striking Distance were well-aware of this, which is why the first part of their roadmap was an update with that feature set for February 7. Unlike publisher Krafton's sales expectations, these plans are going better than anticipated.

Because a new patch is now available for The Callisto Protocol on both PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and the most noteworthy thing about it is the inclusion of New Game+. That's right. We've got the anticipated mode close to three weeks earlier than expected. This means you'll be able to restart the game using a save where you've finished it once, and it'll give you access to all weapons, upgrades, and Callisto Credits at the first Reforge.

Not only that. The update also improves the general performance, fixed the issue that denied some the "The Protocol is About Life" achievement/trophy they deserved, and more you can read detailed information about below:

Update 3.01

New Game+

  • Users who previously completed the game will have access to New Game+ after the patch.

  • Application restart may be required.

  • Requires an active save file from game completion.


  • Fixed an issue where some users were not correctly granted the "The Protocol is About Life" achievement

  • Added New Game Plus. Complete the game to unlock New Game Plus and carry your progression over to a new save. All weapons, upgrades, and Callisto Credits can be collected at the first Reforge.

General performance optimisations across all platforms

  • Players no longer take damage when vaulting over obstacles

  • Fixed multiple issues where certain camera angles or progression paths could cause environments to stream out and allow Jacob to fall through the ground

  • Consistency pass on cabinets, lockers, and shelves to display correctly in High Contrast mode

  • Voice leveling and subtitle mismatch adjustments across localized languages


  • Fixed low frequency crash in the Tunnels level during the Two Head fight

  • Skip Cinematics button has been mapped to the Interact/Pickup input

  • Fixed a long hitch when enabling Ray-Traced Shadows in the main menu

  • Prevented mouse cursor from displaying during some area transitions


  • Fixed low frequency crash in Snowcat when Jacob is talking to Dani

The Callisto Protocol

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