The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol Falls Short of Sales Expectations

Krafton referred to the game as AAAA, but believes it hasn't lived up to that expectation.

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The Callisto Protocol has fallen short of sales expectations according to its publisher, Krafton. Touted as a AAAA title, implying it has an even higher production value than a usual AAA, The Callisto Protocol was expected to pull in around 5 million sales.

However, Krafton now recognises it will be more likely to achieve around 2 million. Despite a lot of marketing and hype around the game coming from former Dead Space developers, The Callisto Protocol received a wide array of review scores upon its release.

There is still the chance for The Callisto Protocol to meet its targets, as Krafton is going to release some more content for the game in 2023. However, this isn't a good sign for anyone wanting an extended franchise to be born from The Callisto Protocol.

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Thanks, MK-Odyssey.

The Callisto Protocol

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