The British Esports Association formed, new site launched

The association plans to protect amateur players and teams.

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A new esports-oriented organisation has been formed in the UK, with the main objective of supporting and advising amateur esports athletes and teams. The organisation is called the British Esports Association, and its Advisory Board contains a number of high-profile faces in British esports.

The advisory board is led by British Esports Chair, Andy Payne, and sitting on the board are journalist Richard Lewis, caster Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner, and head of Team Dignitas Michael 'ODEE' O'Dell, to name just a few.

This comes at a time when teams are in increasing need of proper representation. This also means that the UK esports scene has more room to safely and quickly grow. The first meeting between the Association's board will take place in January of next year, and all members will need to remain on the board for one year minimum.

The news of the formation of the Advisory Board is also joined by the launching of the association's official website, intended to be an information site that will help provide advice and support for esports athletes of all levels. You can check out the website http://www.britishesports.org/">here</a>.

The British Esports Association formed, new site launched

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