The Boys: Season 3 has started filming

We also have the first set photo.

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One of Amazon Prime Video's most anticipated shows has started filming its third season. The Boys has officially started filming and to mark the occasion, a bunch of cast members have even taken a few set pictures to mark the occasion.

Karl Urban, Billy Butcher himself released a post on the set that read, "Day 1, Shooting @theboystv season 3. So good to be back !" before continuing saying, "We got some real goodies lined up for ya !" Which bodes well for fans of the show.

Executive Producer Eric Kripke also tweeted one of the first set photos of what seems to be a golden statue of Homelander. What exactly this is in reference to remains unknown, but it does seem to be pretty big. You can check it out below.

The other cast member who shared a picture was Erin Moriarty (Starlight), who shared a post of herself in what seems to be a car with co-star Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell).

No date is currently detailed as for when The Boys: Season 3 will air, but with filming now taking place, we can assume it won't be too far off. Perhaps the most reasonable options would be a late 2021 premiere, or an early 2022 one, assuming filming is completed without a hitch.

The Boys: Season 3 has started filming
Eric Kripke

Thanks, IGN.

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