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Bioshock: The Collection

The Bioshock movie will stay true to the games

The director says the Bioshock mythology is well made.

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It was finally confirmed back in February that Bioshock will indeed become a movie, something we know people have been hoping for for a very long time. Francis Lawrence was early on confirmed as a director, and he has now shared some insight on his point of view when it comes to Bioshock.

A whole lot of movies based on video games have become really bad in the end. This problem often comes from the fact that games are usually mainly about gameplay and fun things to do, rather than first and foremost telling a compelling story in a thought through universe. Often this is solved by simply moving far away from the source material, which doesn't have to be bad, but usually makes some fans disappointed (like the Halo series).

Fortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case with Bioshock, and when Lawrence spoke to Collider about this topic, he said they would stay true to the games as the mythology is so good:

"No, I do know what you mean. When I think about that, I go back to what we talked about earlier, which is I think that there's some great video games out there, but they don't always have the weight of actual ideas underneath them. Sometimes they have a great aesthetic or something like that, but I feel like often they end up feeling empty because they're not built from real ideas. The thing is, Bioshock really is. The whole mythology of that world and the ideas behind it all, there's just so much there."

And this is pretty much what we wanted to hear, don't you agree?

Bioshock: The Collection

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