Dark Souls II

The best graphics mod for Dark Souls II is out right now

The game has got some new life with these overhauled graphics.

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A new mod for Dark Souls II, known as DS2LIGHTINGENGINE SOFTS on Nexus Mods, is being hailed as the best graphics mod for the game right now, breathing new life into the title nearly ten years after it first launched.

This mod, which is available to download here, does more than just offer a reshade of textures, and instead overhauls the lighting system in the game to create some stunning screenshots, some of which you can see below courtesy of LordRadai on Twitter.

Volumetric fog has also been added to the game, and it seems the modder is only just beginning their work, as the mod you can download right now is being labelled as the alpha version. So, even if you've heard Dark Souls II isn't the best in the series, you might want to boot it up for this mod and its graphical overhaul alone.

Dark Souls II

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