Pit People

The Behemoth aims to "change the genre" with each new game

We talked with the studio's co-founder John Baez.

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The Behemoth's co-founder John Baez happened to be at Gamelab in Barcelona this month, and so we talked with him a little bit about Pit People, their latest title that has changed up the genre a little bit, and it turns out this change in genre is exactly what the studio aims for each time they make a new game.

"Well, our kind of motto in the company up to now has been to change the genre every time we do a new game, and mostly that's because of boredom," he explained. "We work on a game for two, three, four, five years, and we decide 'you know, really what we should do is this type of game or that type of game' and so it's important for us to change it up within the studio, to keep fresh and to explore things in a new way. If we had just done a sequel to Alien Hominid there never would've been a Castle Crashers. Same thing - if there had been a Castle Crashers 2 there never would've been a BattleBlock Theater. So changing the genre and changing the kind of characters, the universe, is very important to us to keep it fresh."

Which is your favourite of their games though?

Pit People

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