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The Battlerite Pro League unveiled

Twitch will be the streaming partner.

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Stunlock Studios, Nexon, and Twitch have all announced that Battlerite is getting a competition in the form of Battlerite Pro League, the official competitive circuit which will starts its first season on April 12, sign-ups already being open as of right now.

Players from Europe, North America, South America, and Korea will compete for supremacy as well as a slice of the $80,000 USD prize pool, $25,000 of which will be in the LAN finale prize pool, and Twitch will be the exclusive streaming partner for the first three seasons, which you can watch here. Nexon, on the other hand, is handling production and distribution in Korea.

"Our community has grown and matured immensely since Battlerite was released so it was time for us to provide a platform for the best players to show what they're made of," said Alexander Hermansson at Stunlock Studios. "By partnering with Twitch and Nexon for the Battlerite Pro League, we're not only offering an entertaining broadcast, we're introducing the game's intricacies to fresh audiences, newer players, and esports fans in many different corners of the world."

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