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The Battleborn servers close this week

The shooter will be meeting its untimely end on January 31.

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We doubt a whole lot of you regularly play Battleborn. It was released back in 2016 in the same month as Overwatch. The two games had a lot of similarities, but Overwatch was better and more good looking and won the fight easily.

This led to the game becoming 'free to play' in 2017, which didn't boost the popularity either and a couple of months later - Gearbox stopped updating it. And now it is time to say goodbye. As previously reported, the servers are about to shut down, and that happens this week with January 31 being the last day you can play Battleborn.

If you still play the game or just want to catch a couple of Achievements/trophies, make sure to do that before the week ends.


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Battleborn is going offline

Battleborn is going offline

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