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The Batman Part II

The Batman sequel will no longer film this year

The ongoing writers strike will see the film start production in March 2024 now.

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While it was originally expected to start filming later this year in London, the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike has meant that The Batman sequel will be postponing its November filming date and now looking to start production in March 2024 instead.

As reported on by Midgard Times, director Matt Reeves and writer Mattson Tomlin are part of the strike and pushing for fair wages and policies for all writers in Hollywood.

It has been noted that this shouldn't affect the release date for the film, which is still set for October 3, 2025, but it is interesting to see how production companies are adapting to the strike and already looking to delay plans set months in advance.

Is this a sign that the strike could be ongoing for months?

The Batman Part II

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