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The Art of Battletoads has now been released

The book was announced a year ago, and has now arrived.

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A year ago, we reported that Dark Horse was going to release an art-book based on Battletoads from 2020. Now Dark Horse announces via Twitter that the book The Art of Battletoads has finally been released and can be ordered from their homepage. Here's the official description:

"Drop into vibrant illustrations of the game's heroes, villains, and environments that evoke nineties cartoon nostalgia! Hop in and race through a wealth of production materials from early concept art to finely tuned combat and mission structure throughout late development stages. This book is filled to the brim with unique development insights and also revisits the franchise's classic titles, which informed an all new, battle-ready era of 'Toad!"

Time to treat yourself to an early Christmas gift perhaps? Also, don't forget to play Battletoads, it's actually really good. It's available for PC and Xbox, and is included with Game Pass.


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